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Hazelwood Integrated College

Year 12 Child Development students received a talk today from FASD Aware NI. They learnt all about the affects that alcohol can have on the growing foetus during pregnancy, and the long-term impacts of living with foetal alcohol syndrome. Students are covering this topic within their Controlled Assessment task and they found the information very useful.

Thank you to Allison and Joan from the charity for discussing their personal experiences, whilst providing the students with a wealth of information relating to this topic.

Belfast High School

  • Very informative

  • Real life experience discussed

  • Students most interested in how it affected the boys daily life routines

  • They also appreciated their honesty and insight into their personal life

  • Students felt that they could ask any question and that the panel would provide an honest answer

  • There was a great amount of detail and the students were interested in the medical experts point of view