About the team


Here you can find a brief discription about who is behind the charity and how to get in touch

Brian and Alison McNamara

Brian and Alison are the Co-Founders of FASD Aware NI and the adoptive parents of 2 lovely young boys that are affected by FASD.

They have been one of the leading ambassadors of the FASD in Northern Ireland for the past 5 years.

Brian works for the Belfast City Council and Alison is a fully qualified nursery nurse.

You're always welcome to reach out to Brian or Alison.




Phone: 07707067616

Emanuel Thompson

Emanuel Thompson is one of the Co-Founders of the FASD Aware NI.

Emanuel has experience in the 3rd sector and is currently working on the fundraising activities of this charity.

Emanuel is the father of 5 and enjoys spending time with his family in his spare time.

You're always welcome to reach out to Emanuel.

E-mail: emanuelthompson@fasdawareni.org

Phone: 07713344569

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